Live Payroll

Process payroll online, from your home, office or on the road. Choose to go paperless or print checks yourself. Save yourself time to focus on what you love. We calculate payroll wages and deductions, and take care of all your payroll taxes for you. We ensure your most sensitive information will stay protected with our leading security methods and technology.

Time Management

Are you searching for better ways to reduce one of your greatest expenses...labor costs? We've found just the solution! We offer automated timekeeping to employers to reduce labor and clerical costs, eliminate errors and make preparing for payroll easier than ever!

Pay As You Go

Pay your Workers Compensation premium automatically through our Pay As You Go service powered by AP Intego Insurance Group, LLC. Your payments will be based on actual payroll for each pay period and debited directly from your bank account. Simple and clean.

Live Payroll Processing

Small to mid-sized businesses can count on the full spectrum of payroll functionality through technological advances in payroll solutions, resulting in more effective management of collaboration with their employees.


10 Ways to Save with Automated Timekeeping

Looking at your budget? You could be saving money with timekeeping!

  1. Eliminate overpaid minutes
  2. Reduce clerical costs, human error
  3. Reduce late arrival/early departures
  4. Eliminate buddy punching
  5. Reduce time to process payroll
  6. Eliminate estimated punch times
  7. Increase employee accountability
  8. Increase overall payroll accuracy
  9. Save time with electronic file transfer
  10. Go green! Eliminate paper timesheets

Advantages of Pay As You Go Method

ACCURACY - Your premium is based on actual payroll.

CASH FLOW - Improve yours with $0 down-payment.

SAVE TIME - Automated premium withdrawal, reduced chance of audit risk.